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LED Tube lights

LED Tube lights. Computer hardware South Africa

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Luceco (LT82C10W10-01) T28 2ft - 10W, 1000 Lumens, 6500K LED Cool White Fluorescent Tube, 30, 000 hours lifespan reducing maintenance costs, 50% energy saving against fluorescent for similar lux levels, Retrofit with most T8 luminaires (non-dimming), Eco-friendly: mercury free, Retail Box

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More information about LED Tube lights

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  • Luceco

The LED Tube light is the standard replacement for any traditional fluorescent tube of the same length utilising the identical bi-pin base, and will provide as much as a 60% energy saving.

With a beautiful appearance, this LED Tube has been manufactured with a light body aluminium frame and PC Cover, and is the next generation in green lighting. It contains no hazardous materials (such as mercury!), is light-weight, has a life expectancy of over 50,000 hrs. This LED Tube also fits perfectly with the traditional fluorescent fixture.

Sizes of tubes include 600mm (0.6m), 1200mm(1.2m) and 1500mm (1.5m).

Ideal for:

  • Businesses - Conference Rooms, Showcases, Show Rooms, Fridge Displays, Wall Mounts, Hallways and Staircases;
  • Commercial Complexes - Super Markets, Factories, Plants, Office Blocks, Department Stores;
  • Your Home - Living Rooms, Kitchens, Bedrooms, Washrooms, Studies, Toilets, Hallways, Bar Areas, Entertainment areas, Pools, Garden Pathways, Skertings and Runways.

How to replace a florescent light with a ballast with an LED light

To use LED tube lights, the ballast needs to be removed and rewired.

  1. Before starting, check in which direction the light's pins are facing. LED tube lights come in a variety of configurations, if you are not sure, buy a tube that has LEDs all the way round, this will ensure you get the right tube, but you will get less light downwards. If the pins are vertical (up to down)  you can safely buy the tube that is "one-sided"
    Check the size of the tube (1.2m / 1.5m / 1.8m) before buying one.
  2. Turn off power at the board, not just the switch. If there are other people in the house or office, inform them that you are switching off the power, tape over the main switch and make a note so that nobody else switches it back on. Wear safety glasses, old florescent lights can and do shatter.
  3. Remove the old lights.
    Remove entire unit, and work on a table if you are able to remove the holder as this might make it easier to work on, but this is not essential. Remember that you will need to replace the unit back onto the ceiling once done. Some ceilings require a "toggle spring and bolt" to mount the light. Purchase this before starting the job if you can, or you will need to climb into the ceiling, find and re-use the toggle spring. Do not rip the unit off the ceiling, unscrew it and apply a light pressure downwards on the entire light unit.
  4. Remove the ballast and throw it away. Leave enough wire to rewire the LED light.
  5. Rewire so that one pin of the light is live and the other pin is neutral, according to the tube, even through it should not matter as the tube will light up even if neutral and live are swapped. Tube lights usually only require one side to be wired. Make sure you have put the tube with the "live side" into the powered end of of the holder.

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