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Computers, laptops and PC hardware in South Africa.Computers
Computers - Pre-built and branded computers in South Africa. Great warranty on new PC systems and service countrywide on some brands - AOpen, Mecer, MSI Mega PC, Shuttle XPC and Sahara. Computers, laptops and other PC hardware in South Africa. Computers South AfricaLaptops, Notebooks and PDA South AfricaDigital camerasComputer hardware Pocket PC - PDA and organisers South AfricaSoftware - software titles South AfricaPrinters South AfricaSpeakersMP3 and WMA players Brands
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 Brand Computers - Pre-built computer systems 

What is a "pre-built computer system"? - these computers are built at a factory, are boxed and ready to ship. Individual components cannot be changed.

Built-to-specification (or built-to-spec) computers are built up from components that have been selected by the customer. It takes several days to build a system, but customers get exactly what they want.

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Computers (built)

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ComX computers is an approved re-sale agent of reputable computer brands in South Africa.

What are the differences between the different version of Microsoft Windows?

To have a comprehensive idea of what each Windows version offers, please visit the Microsoft website.

Home users
Microsoft releases one or more home versions of their operating system, which normally does not include advanced security features or domain networking.

Professional users
Microsoft releases one or more advanced versions of their operating system, which normally does include advanced security features and domain networking.


I received a PC from another company with a "free copy" (pirate copy) of Microsoft windows.

We can provide the user with a clean (software-free) machine so that they may copy their own software onto it (such as a Linux operating systems). Windows requires activation, and the user will find that pirated software will stop working after some time. The user will not be able to update the pirate copy, placing their computer and data at risk from hackers and viruses.


Computer Processor (Microprocessor)

The processor is the "brains" of a computer and does all the work in a computer - the faster the processor, the better the computer performs.

Intel offers top performing processors as well as the budget celeron processors.

The AMD processors uses comparable technologies to Intel at better prices and has been the gamers choice for several years.



Computer memory is the most important component when it comes to system performance.

We recommend a minimum of 1GB memory for Windows XP and 2GB for Microsoft Vista.

The maximum memory that can be used in any 32bit operating system is 4GB in total (this is for addressing the memory, graphics, keyboard, USB, etc), and only (approximately) 3.2GB will be useable, this is a 32 bit limitation. 64 bit systems do not have this limitation.


Hard drive

Hard drives store the information on magnetic disk. The smallest hard drive you should consider is 120GB (Gigabytes).

Hard drive storage capacity is rated by all manufacturers by the hard drives' decimal storage capacity and not octal, and your computer will always report a smaller drive than expected (as a rule of thumb: 95.367% of the rated value, for example: 95.36 MB for a 100MB).


Computer cases and PSU (Power supply)

We recommend at least a 300Watt (300W) power supply to ensure reliable performance over a longer period of time, although 250W will do the job for the majority of business computers. Gaming system require higher ratings due to the power consumption of the graphics cards.


Christmas specials
E&OE. All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. All prices are a reference and are an invitation for potential buyers to make an offer to purchase, which we may reject without reason. At no point do we make offers to sell on any website and quotes are required before a purchase can be made. All transactions are subject to our terms of sale. ComX Computers: a South African online computer store.
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Brand new computers with a full warranty and backup in South Africa - Aopen, MSI Mega PC, Sahara, Mecer, Shuttle XPC, Sahara, Miniature PCs and Proline computers. Meccer machines come with a two year warranty and all other systems with a one year warranty unless specified. Simply click "build my own computer" link and build your own computer to your specifications.