nVidia 3D stereo and LC Shutter glasses technology
An overview
"Immerse yourself in the world of 3D content like never before. Monsters, bullets and landscapes jump out of your flat screen and into your imagination. You become part of the game. With nVidia 3D Stereo, gaming will never again be the same!"

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nVidia technology overview
Details of how the glasses work.

Overview of this amazing product

The VR-KIT WD01 is a 3D LC (Liquid Crystal) shutter glasses package. It supports the Page-Flipping Mode for displaying 3D stereoscopic images, and is compatible with all nVIDIA's 3D Chipsets.

These glasses do not have built in screens, but uses your monitor as it's primary display. The images will seem as if they are positioned behind the monitor's surface.

A stereoscopic driver provided by nVIDIA is capable of converting 2D images of any Direct3D (D3D) or OpenGL based game in the market into exciting 3D stereoscopic games.

Anyone who already owns a nVIDIA graphic cards can upgrade immediately and enjoy the 3D experience by reinstalling the latest version of the graphic driver and stereoscopic driver.

Several hot-keys provided by nVIDIA stereoscopic driver allow users to adjust the virtual depth and convergence of the 3D images for obtaining the most comfortable viewing condition.

By wearing these high-quality 3D LC shutter glasses, end-users are able to experience the unprecedented virtual 3D gaming in their own living rooms.

Your LC Shutter glasses package consists of
A pair of LC glasses
The syncronizer box with the unique LC lens sync reverse button
VGA cable
Locally manufactured 220V Power supply
System requirements:
  • nVidia 3D graphics card
  • CRT Monitor.100Hz+ refresh rate is recomended but not essential.
  • LCD monitors are not supported.
  • Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP with DirectX8.0 or above.

Drivers required:

  • Please visit the nVidia website

Game compatibility:

  • Open GL
  • Direct3D

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