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Stereoscopic 3D LC Glasses

These stereoscopic shutter glasses have been designed to work with nVidia graphics cards and 3D games. Almost all new games have the required 3D graphics engine to be able to display the images in three dimensional space. Unlike anaglyph glasses, the stereoscopic LC glasses are electronically controlled. By using a JPEG Stereo viewer, or JPS, or even JPG Stereo viewer, a user can view almost any picture, photo or image in 3-D. Most 3D games will work amazingly well with these shutter glasses. nVidia has used page flipping technology to generate 3D images on a flat screen.

nVidia LC Shutter glasses

LCD or LC Shutter glasses are liquid crystal lenses that block out the light on each eye respectively. Each eye sees a different image, and if both images are off-set as in real life view, the scenery will look 3D to the user. Most games using DirectX or OpenGL will work correctly on a nVidia graphics card from the TNT, GeForce and Quadro. The LC Shutter lens glasses makes a huge difference to image quality as compared to anaglyph (red-blue lenses).

3D graphics and JPS

JPS or JPEG Stereo is two images (graphics) taken from slightly different angles, in much the same way we view images in real life. The LC Shutter glasses work in conjunction with a JPS Viewer that will combine the images into a single 3D image to be displayed for the user. As a resuly, the realistic three dimensional world will come alive on a flat 2D screen.

nVidia graphics card / cards

The 3D shutter glasses work in conjunction with any nVidia graphics card from the TNT, Geforce and the Quadro.

Detonator drivers and 3D drivers

In order to view anything in 3D with nVidia graphics cards, you will need to download the detonator driver and the 3D drivers. This is a simple procedure that places all the stereoscopic options on the control panel. 3D Stereo (Stereoscopic) mode is activated by means of hot keys within the game or games. JPS files work in the same way. the drivers may be downloaded from nVidia web site or from the ComX web site.

Graphics and images, games in 3D

The JPS viewer is used to view graphics and images, clipart and other photographs in 3-D. To play a game in 3D Stereo (Stereoscopic view), the detonator drivers must be installed as well as the 3D drivers from nVidia. This technology is for nVidia cards and won't work on other 3-D systems without proprioty software.

Virtual Reality head set move aside for 3DVideo

Even though a virtual reality headset is a very good option for 3DVideo, graphics, pictures (JPS picture), the cost of a liquid cystal display glasses (LCD / LC glasses) are less than a virtual reality one. Computer game and computer generated graphics are all viewable from a simple home computer system without the expenses that professionals spend on high end computer systems. Computers have increased in power by such an extent, that virtual reality has in fact become a true reality. Liquid crystal lenses are much cheaper to manufacture than any other product.

As a result, hundreds of LC / LCD glasses / lenses have made appearance on the market and these include: Another world, SPEX, anabus, asus, APEC, Canopus, cyber stuff, cybertronics, e-dimension, elsa, H3D, i-3D entertainment, i-Art, i-glasses, ISee3D ,Leadtek, WinFast, Wicked3D, Mirage, Miro, Neotek, Nuvision, sonics stereographics, stereotek, VR, Vtek, Woobo, 3DTV,
3eye and 3DVideo.

Of all the LC Stereo / Stereoscopic glasses, only a few have made it into South Africa, the i-dimension and the APEC. The i-dimension from the USA is a good competitor but it is very costly for the South Africa market. Computer sales in South Africa always hedge on cost.

i-dimension 3D LC shutter glasses in South Africa?

So how do we compete in South Africa with LC shutter glasses then? Not a problem, we offer the computer game player an alternative that uses loacally available hardware ( South Africa ) that costs half the price of the ones offered by other competitors.

No orders as this product is no longer sold

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