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Note that continuous power cuts will shorten battery life. The warranty covers charge cycles, not a period of time. Stage 4 load-shedding may shorten battery life to 6 months or less if batteries discharge below recommended charge levels (Lead Acid 50% DOD, LiFePO4 80% DOD). The "lifetime expectency" of a battery is the maximum life-time under no load-shedding.

AccoNet Inverters

AccoNet. Inverters. Computer hardware South Africa

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AccoNet 24V 1400W / 2000VA Modified Sine Wave Inverter, 24V external batteries required, Built-In 220V 10 / 20A charger, Sky G3 1400

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Get off the Eskom power Grid

Get off the Eskom power grid by connecting you house or business to solar energy. Power your entire house including your fridges, pool pump, and smaller heaters by using a hybrid inverter and Deep Cycle batteries.

You need a solar inverter or a hybrid inverter to connect to a solar panel.

Hybrid inverters

Hybrid inverters allow you to connect to the grid, a generator or to a solar panels.

Up to 6 hybrid inverters can be connected together to have 30KVA supplied to your house or factory. Usually only one 5KVA hybrid inverter is needed to a standard house.

Buy online by searching for "hybrid inverters" on this site.

Solar power for houses and factories

Solar panels and deep cycle batteries will provide your home or business with enough power during the day.

"Power in a box" inverter or battery centres

Battery centers provide power in a box. It is clean noiseless boxes which provides enough power for a TV and several lights. You can get 4 hours or more from the Power Box / Battery Center.

The advantage is that no installation is required and it is portable. The battery centers also have a solar power input to charge the batteries by means of solar panels during the day.

Please search for "Battery centers" on this site.

Deep cycle batteries

Deep cycle batteries are required for all inverters. The batteries should last 7 years or more.

Solar panel break even point

The repayment period, by using solar panels, is estimated at 7 years taking costs escalations into account.

However, with the "load shedding", the cost of remaining safe and productive is much higher.

Load shedding guide on which inverter to choose

1200VA / 720W inverter with 1x 12V 100Ah battery

This is ideal for a LED / LCD TV and a light. A 55" LED LCD or OLED TV consumes up to 100Watts (0.45Amps). The Battery will run that TV for 220 hours and more.

A 200Watt fridge will work comfortably on 720Watts pure sine wave inverters, but modified sine wave inverters are not recommended for fridges.

2400VA / 1440W inverter with 2x 12V 100Ah battery
This is ideal for a LED / LCD TV and a light. A 55" LED LCD or OLED TV consumes up to 100Watts (0.45Amps). The Battery will run that TV for 440 hours and more.

A 200Watt fridge will work comfortably on 1140Watts pure sine wave inverters, but modified sine wave inverters are not recommended for fridges.

3000 VA / 2400W pure sine wave inverter

This inverter will run a fridge, a TVs, a few lights and small appliances (kettle or toaster)

5000 VA / 4000W pure sine wave inverter

This inverter will run an entire small house off the grid - with exception of the oven and geyser.

These 5000VA can be connected together to expand the power being delivered for larger households. 9 units provides a whopping industrial 45,000VA!

5000 VA / 5000W /  8000VA / 8000W pure sine wave inverter

These high power inverters offers the best value for money. They are also cheaper, easier and faster to install than parallel installations.

Earth leakage problems on parallel inverters

Ensure that all communication and current sharing cables are connected as in the instructions (both communications cables and both current sharing cables),  update the firmware so that all inverters are running the same version.

Inverter Live and Neutral output wires cannot be connected to any of the input wires. Neutral wires can be a problem as electricians might take shortcuts in their installations.

How do people connect inverters in their homes?

With increasing electricity prices, and the threat of "load shedding" and "cable theft", individuals purchase Hybrid 5000VA inverters for their home, and hybrid 3000VA inverters for their outside areas (entertainment areas, flatlets, maid quarters and garage).

As money becomes available, home owners start to connect solar panels to each inverter. This will keep the batteries charged during the day and takes them off the grid (No reliance on Eskom!). This starts to pay their investment off.

As these inverters are hybrids, it is still possible to charge the batteries and run the house from the grid in emergencies (such as rainy cloudy days).

Are inverters reliable?

Inverters are reliable, but they are high power devices and the load must be as low as possible to avoid premature failure. High power inverters (3000VA+) needs to be installed by professional electricians.

If an inverter is made to work under high load all the time, they will overheat, cooling fans will start to fail and the unit will ultimately fail.It is recommended to work out how much power your household uses before deciding on a inverter.

It is also highly recommended to install these inverters in well ventilated, cool spaces. Installers will usually use the garage for installation, however, an additional investment in a ceiling and some ceiling insulation is highly recommended if the temperature in the garage is already high.

An Efergy power monitoring device (by Ellies) is recommended to log power usage during the day before committing to an expensive inverter setup.

The Efergy unit monitors and logs all your power consumption during the day. This will give you the best overview of your power requirements without guessing. You can also optimise your household power usage to avoid peak demands (such as adjusting pool pump timers, and replacing aging power hungry devices with new power-efficient ones)

Remember that your Geyser, pool pump, and stove needs to taken into account when interpreting these readings.

Unless you have connected a number of inverters together, it is also recommended to have your pool pump separated on its own smaller inverter to avoid overloading the household inverter. (pool pumps can consume 1100Watts, which is more than 25% of a 4000W inverters' power). If your pool pump runs for 8 hours a day, it is placing quite a bit of strain on the inverter when other devices power up.

A 150l geyser that uses 3000Watts will take 2 hours and 40 minutes to heat water to 65 degrees. This places a heavy load on a 4000W inverter, especially if other devices are used as well. Geysers are not recommended on inverters.

Other high power devices that may require multiple inverter units for reliable household use (prolonged usage):
  • Tumble dryers
  • Dish washers
  • Washing machine 
Other high power devices that can be used with single inverter configurations (Short term use)
  • Hair dryers
  • Irons

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