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Specifications for DS0718070

Dymo S0718070 D1 16960 Permanent Polyestertape 19mm x 5.5m - Black on White

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Dymo S0718070 D1 16960 Permanent Polyestertape 19mm x 5.5m - Black on White


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Dymo S0718070 D1 16960 Permanent Polyestertape 19mm x 5,5m Black on White
  • D1 S0718070 / 16960 tape
  • Permanent polyester
  • 19mm x 5,5m
  • Black text on White tape


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Product CodeDS0718070spacer
OEM codeN/A
Weight (kg)0.048
Background ColorWhite
Text colorBlack
Can be used in LabelmakerLabelManager 360D, LabelManager 400, LabelWriter 400 Duo, LabelManager 420P, LabelManager 450, LabelManager 450D, LabelWriter 450 Duo, LabelManager 500TS, LabelManager Wireless PnP, LabelManager PC, LabelManager PC 2, LabelPoint 350
Packing unit1
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