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 Beaucience - Beaucience computer shop South Africa with best prices in the country.


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Beaucience - Beaucience computer shop South Africa with best prices in the country. 

Beaucience - South Africa

Beaucience is a company created to supply unique and exceptional ranges of Anti-ageing skin care products for the entire body.

Our original Pink Skin range focused on minimising and delaying the effects of skin ageing.

All products contain a breakthrough botanical called PROTEASYL. This special ingredient (which, as a South African manufacturer, is unique to Beaucience) that works naturally with the skin to create a younger looking skin.

As a baby, our skin is at an equilibrium where it is broken down and rebuilt on a continuous basis. As we age, due to slower metabolism and external factors, our skins breakdown much faster than that at which it is rebuilt. Proteasyl (created from the extraction and purification of the pea) restores this equilibrium. The dermal proteins are therefore protected, cell metabolism (the production of collagen and elastin) is stimulated, dermal proteins are repaired and the skin is kept hydrated.

Not only do all products contain Proteasyl, they also contain many other well researched superior ingredients.

We have made use of natural oils and innovative botanicals to ensure healthy, young, glowing skin.

But as research continues and new innovative technology surfaces, there will always be slight room for improvement in our ranges. Due to the fact that skin care is a very direct point of contact between ourselves and the word of chemicals, natural ingredients have been extensively researched and the safety and efficiency of these products are beyond question. We made a decision to launch a NATURAL-ANTI-AGEING RANGE. This range is as unique as the original Beaucience range produced with natural ingredients.

Following the launch of our natural anti-ageing range, salons requested professional products. The Beaucience Professional range was formulated. We again focused on minimising and delaying the effects of the skin�s ageing. As the products would be used by professionals, we included up to 25% more active ingredients for added hydration. This range focuses on using natural formulation and organic ingredients where possible.

In 2010 we launched an Amenities range. This range is ideally suited for spas, salons, hotels and guest houses.

Following our same philosophy, the organic amenity line has been formulated with the environmentally-conscious user in mind. We made use of natural formulations, organic essential oils and our natural preservative where possible.

We have done no animal testing. All our user trials were done in South Africa over a period of 6-8 weeks between 2010 and 2012. The products are free from any chemical contaminants (parabens, toxins and synthetic oils). The risk of an allergic reaction has therefore been greatly reduced.

We encourage that the packaging be recycled.
More info:

Unfortunately we no longer list Beaucience products, you may be interested in these brands

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This South African Computer shop is an authorised computer and notebook reseller in South Africa, Notebooks / laptops are sold as new with a full warranty, covered by the original manufacturer / supplier in South Africa.

Beaucience computers, notebooks and / or peripheral sales are done by an authorised dealer in South Africa. The Beaucience logo may be a trademark of Beaucience.

E&OE. All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. All prices are a reference and are an invitation for potential buyers to make an offer to purchase, which we may reject without reason. At no point do we make offers to sell on any website and quotes are required before a purchase can be made. All transactions are subject to our terms of sale. ComX Computers: a South African online computer store.
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